Red Jacket pump at the Futenma gas station was successfully replaced. The team followed a systematic process to ensure safety and efficiency during the replacement.

Initially, the team turned off the breaker to ensure there was no power running through the wiring connected to the Red Jacket pump. The Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) procedure was followed to prevent the accidental or unauthorized use of the pump during the replacement process.

After confirming that there was no power transmission to the pump, the team closed the ball valve and began the dismantling process. The team divided the work into three parts: removing the fuel, removing the valve, and removing the wiring.

The team first removed the fuel from the pump to prevent any accidental spillage or combustion during the replacement. Once the fuel was removed, the valve was removed from the pump. Finally, the team removed the wiring connected to the Red Jacket pump.

After the dismantling process was completed, the team confirmed that the ball valve was closed to prevent fuel from leaking during the replacement. The replacement of the Red Jacket pump was successfully completed with all safety protocols in place.

1. Confirmation of power transmission

2. Valve removal

3. Fuel removal

4. Closing the ball valve