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N.O.M.E.S, working industrial tank services, recently undertook a comprehensive cleaning and inspection project at Kadena Air Force Base in Japan, specifically for AMC Tank #4 above ground fuel storage. This ambitious endeavor showcased N.O.M.E.S’s dedication to quality and adherence to the strict health and safety requirements of a bustling site.


Project Overview

In a meticulous planning phase, N.O.M.E.S collaborated closely with fuels personnel to strategically arrange tank downtimes. The scope of work encompassed not only the physical cleaning but also a detailed inspection process in accordance with the industry gold standards—API 650/653.


Tank Emptying Process

Emptying the tanks, albeit a temporary inconvenience, proved to be a crucial step. This allowed N.O.M.E.S to ensure a thorough inspection, identifying potential issues before they escalate. The consideration of temporary out-of-service periods showcased N.O.M.E.S’s commitment to minimizing disruptions.


Certified Professionals and Equipment

N.O.M.E.S’s commitment to quality was underscored by the deployment of certified professionals and cutting-edge equipment for tank cleaning. This ensured not only compliance with industry standards but also the delivery of top-notch services.


Inspection Standards (API 650/653)

The adherence to API 650/653 standards underscored N.O.M.E.S’s dedication to excellence. These stringent standards provided a comprehensive framework for the inspection process, ensuring that no detail was overlooked.


Pressure Washing and Interior Cleaning

N.O.M.E.S’s approach to pressure washing and interior cleaning went beyond routine maintenance. It was a meticulous process designed to not only clean but also to enhance the longevity and efficiency of the tank.


Upgrades and Repairs

The project involved several upgrades and repairs, including the installation of a stilling well at the ATG nozzle, a new 3-inch threaded steel cap on the manual gauging nozzle, and the repair of the ATG access hatch. These measures were taken to fortify the structural integrity of the tank.


Sump Closure and Patch Plate Installation

Closing the sump with bedding material and installing patch plates were critical steps in ensuring the long-term reliability of the tank. N.O.M.E.S’s attention to these details showcased their commitment to delivering not just functional but robust solutions.


Internal and External Coating Repair

Repairing the internal and external coatings was approached with precision. N.O.M.E.S’s expertise ensured that the coatings not only met industry standards but also provided a protective layer against future wear and tear.


Project Timeline

Executing this multifaceted project within a tight timeframe of 1 week 4 days was a testament to N.O.M.E.S’s efficiency. The careful orchestration of tasks and compliance with health and safety requirements demonstrated their capability to deliver on time without compromising quality.


Customer Satisfaction

The successful completion of the project resulted in the complete satisfaction of the customer. Testimonials highlighted N.O.M.E.S’s professionalism, attention to detail, and the ability to meet and exceed expectations.


Challenges and Solutions

Navigating challenges in a busy site, N.O.M.E.S demonstrated resilience and innovative problem-solving. Their ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances showcased their dedication to project success.


Lessons Learned

The project provided valuable insights, contributing to N.O.M.E.S’s continuous improvement. Learning from each project ensures that future endeavors are executed even more seamlessly.


Future Considerations

As a forward-looking entity, N.O.M.E.S emphasized the importance of regular tank inspections. Recommendations for ongoing maintenance were made to the client, establishing a foundation for a long-term partnership.



In conclusion, N.O.M.E.S’s tank cleaning and inspection project at Kadena Air Force Base exemplified their prowess in industrial tank services. The successful completion, adherence to standards, and customer satisfaction underscored N.O.M.E.S’s commitment to excellence in every project they undertake.