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Full Service Engineering and Fuels Maintenance Services
and EHS Support.
We assist Contractors looking for experienced assets in Japan to meet the requirements of your contract.

What we do

Wide range of services to support military construction projects

・Construction Consultant
・Civil Engineering (Concrete, Landscaping)
・Architectural, Painting, Demolition (General, Environmental)
・Plumbing Engineering (Pipeline)
・Electrical Engineering (HVAC System)

Installation, monitoring, repair, and maintenance

・Fuel Piping Systems
・Valves, Filter Separators, Pump System
・Fuel System Instruments and Sensors
・Quartly, Semi-Annual and Annual Recurring maintenance inspections
・Semi-Annual and Annual calibration of flow meters, Fuel Dispensers, Pressure Relief Valves, Gages etc.
・Underground/Above ground bulk fuel tank repair and redesign

Get buildings and site up to code, maintain the sites for proper running

・Requirement assessment
・Identification and engagement of local Japanese subcontractors
・Documentation management
(SOWs, Health & Safety plans, Draft & Final reports,etc)
・Cost estimation (Labor & Material)
・Schedule development
・On-site supervision
・Parts procurement
・Safety management
・After service representation
・Water sampling
・Asbestos and Lead
・Air Emission
・Invasive Species
・Soil Contamination Survey
・Archeological Survey
・Flora & Fauna
・STI & Testing
・PM & PMO Management
・System Architecture
・Data Base
・Operations Controls
・Device Management

Overseas Project



Diego Garcia

We’ve Been Building great Relationships with our primes, We make your RFP our mission.


To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation. To make communication easier, faster, more economical and reliable by breaking barriers of distance, culture and time. We believe that creating and delivering value to our customers, employees and shareholders is fundamental to our business.

No Project is Too Big or Too Small

Support All the Way Through

Our qualified and experienced personnel will support you with all aspects of your contract execution in Japan.

We Satisfy Your Contract Requirements

We will adjust to your current situation and provide the more cost-effective service so you can fulfill your Federal contract requirements.
Please get in contact with us with your RFQ and/or RFP and we will start working for you immediately

High Quality Construction Management

We work with highly trained PMP staff (Project Management Staff) to make sure the project run according to scope set by our clients

Environmental Services

Make a plan, get the data and install the Environmental Infrastrature.

Local Representation

Our bilingual personnel provide a wide range of solutions and services for companies looking to perform Federal contracts in Japan without having the high expenditures of having a local presence.

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