Our N.O.M.E.S Projects

Please take a look at the projects we have been able to archive over the years 

Kadena Airbase Bayzleys Towers

Nomescorp began mobilization on our next tower Kadena airbase Bayzleys towers

Fuels division began a complete renovation

Fuel facility at MCBCamp Hansen Okinawa.Both offload and refuelling sections under our DLA/ HNC Navy 6 RMMR contract. 

Kadena Airbase Meters Calibration

Nomescorp calibration specialist mobilized in support of one of our many prime contractors in support of their DLA AFHE contract

Misawa Airbase Project Inspection

Nomescorp engineers and project managers mobilized to Misawa airbase Japan to conduct pre construction survey of job site , to assess current conditions, prepare site for mobilization and temporary offices and facilities, as a harbinger of things to come we barely managed to depart due to an overnight snowstorm
Kudos to the JAL crew who didn’t let a little snow stop them.

Misawa AirBase Tower 117B

Our NOMESCORP Misawa team is moving foward in completing mobilization at our
Tower renovation project
Even in sever inclement weather and subzero temperatures they are making it happen.

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