Engineering Projects

Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Projects

Kadena Bazley Tower Project

As we approach the final phase in the construction of our first tower in our multi-tower project on Kadena, our crews are finishing off the road restoration after installing the electrical lines for new equipment ( transformers and other equipment), while at the same time our asbestos abatement team prepares sections of the building for abatement on areas where asbestos was discovered during the construction phase.

MCAS Futenma Fuel Controls Maintenance

Okinawa’s rainy season is a challenge for any type of outside work, but rain or shine
Nomescorp personnel make the mission happen, keeping critical fuel facilities operational and ready to support the missions of our
Here our Recurring Maintenance teams perform
Dispenser calibrations and preparation of components for
Touch up and coating on Camp kinser and Courtney military fuel facilities.

Diversity is key

To achieving success, even with the changing face of contracting.
Nomescorp has managed to not only survive but to grow and increase in capabilities to support our customers.

Our Diego Garcia team returned safely to Okinawa after a 75 day evolution , the completed 2 essential pump installations, 4 tank water removal installations in what some call the most logistically.

Challenged location known
( there is no corner parts store)

At the Same time our senior management and engineers traveled to Misawa Air base to begin the final preparations for out full tower and housing area renovations to begin later this year , meeting with local subs and making the essential friendships Japanese style.

Fuels division began a complete renovation

Our Fuels division began a complete renovation of the JP8 Bulk.

Fuel facility at MCBCamp Hansen Okinawa. 

Both offload and refuelling sections under our DLA/ HNC Navy 6 RMMR contract. We will be completely changing the aged and corroded carbon steel piping and valves with stainless steel. Allowing for a more reliable and long term system in Okinawa’s harsh corrosive environment.

To support activities on Okinawa, the new system will be manufactured at our welding facilities off base to lessen the impact on daily operations at the facility.

NOMESCORP was awarded a project for HVAC and Architectural upgrades to the Misawa Air Base Pass and ID office and Main gate Guard Bldgs.

Currently personnel in these facilities do not have heating and Air conditioning and facilities windows and doors as well as air handling units are antiquated. NOMESCORP will do a major upgrade of the HVAC systems And weatherize bldg , this project will occur during November to January and our Personnel will work a 24-7 schedule in the Misawa winter to ensure a timely completion Of these critical security facilities. 

Nomescorp recently completed an LED lighting Project on Misawa Airbase.

When the Base commander saw that their sports field used by many Misawa residents for running and soccer was not able to be used in the evening hours a call went out to resolve the issue, Nomescorp Mobilized our lighting engineers and technicians using assets from as far as Okinawa Japan and Tokyo to complete the project in 60 days,

Now Misawa residents can enjoy their sports facilities  Under stadium style lighting 


Fuel Systems Maintenance

Fuel systems require constant maintenance in order to stay in service. N.O.M.E.S technicians provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services on a regular basis in support of fuel system operations. We are fully capable of meeting all your needs with quality work. Here at N.O.M.E.S, “We make it work!”

Pressure Testing

Pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, and hoses are an integral and very important part of ongoing operations for fuel systems. N.O.M.E.S trained technicians routinely conduct pressure tests in order to ensure these vital components of fuel systems are operating to standard.

AST Maintenance

N.O.M.E.S trained technicians perform regular inspections/maintenance and minor repairs to ensure AST’s remain in service. with over 6 years experience in recurring maintenance of fuel systems , N.O.M.E.S is one of the top companies in the Asia pacific area

Fuel Pipe Maintenance

N.O.M.E.S qualified and licensed technicians routinely conduct inspections and maintenance on piping to include cutting, welding, fabrication, corrosion control, installation/removal and repairing leaks.

Fuel Dispenser Maintenance

N.O.M.E.S routinely performs inspections, maintenance and calibrations on fuel dispensers. Calibration certificates can be provided upon completion. Dispenser installation and startup services also available , our Technicians both on Guam and Japan are available at any time

Electrical Maintenance

N.O.M.E.S can provide licensed electricians to facilitate all your electrical needs to include ground placement and testing, panel installation, maintenance and wiring.

Overseas Maintenance

Although N.O.M.E.S is based on Okinawa, Japan, we have taken on the logistical challenge of supporting the Prime contractors for recurring maintenance and minor repairs of the fuel systems on the British Indian Ocean Territory (B.I.O.T.) of Diego Garcia. Under Our NOMES USA Flag we have supported the GSA Pod H contract in Guam working on all fuel facilities , thru a very strict policy above and beyond the local requirements we have managed to keep our Teams Covid 19 free and working even when others were unable

Fuel Flow Meter Calibration

N.O.M.E.S routinely performs fuel flow meter calibrations for Multiple prime contractors. Using a company owned and maintained Master Meter, Various systems can be calibrated by N.O.M.E.S Professionally trained technicians. Calibration certifications and documentation also provided upon completion.

Concrete Placement and Repairs

N.O.M.E.S provides quality work when conducting various concrete repairs and services to include structural repairs on fuel containment areas, dikes and fuel stands. N.O.M.E.S can also provide concrete placement services to suit your needs.

Kadena Airbase Meters Calibration

Nomescorp calibration specialist mobilized in support of one of our many prime contractors in support of thierDLA AFHE contract to multiple locations across OkinawaOur calibration specialist have over 9 years of calibration experience across the Asia pacific region and Diego Garcia. We Making it happen in 2021.

Wild Life Survey

N.O.M.E.S’ surveyors walked through an area of 152 hectares in the Central Training Area in Okinawa, during a period of six months to map features associated with wild boar activities, such as feeding signs, wallows and tracks using GPS devices, hand-held cameras and wildlife cameras.

Vegetation Survey

N.O.M.E.S’ biologists conducted a survey to identify the location and size of all pine trees infested with Pine Sawyer (bark) Beetle over the MCB Butler installations in Okinawa (Camp Lester, Camp Foster, Camp Courtney, Kin Blue Beach and Henoko ASP).
A total of 119 infested trees were identified cut-down, removed and properly disposed during this survey.