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EH&S Department

In October 2017 the N.O.M.E.S. EH&S team began a long term wildlife survey on wild boars. This survey will go on for the following six months and will take place in the MCB Butler’s Central Training Area (CTA) located in Okinawa, Japan. The survey team will document all signs of boar activity, such as tracks, trails, fecal matter, wallows, rubs, rooting signs and bedding locations. The N.O.M.E.S survey team will have wildlife cameras placed in strategic locations to capture images of the boar herd.

The Lead Technician will analyze the data collected during the survey to understand and interpret the boars’ habitat range, daily activity pattern, seasonal movements, and feeding habits. The purpose of this data analysis is to understand the general natural history of these wild boars and to estimate the population of wild boars in the CTA.

The N.O.M.E.S. GIS specialist will create a habitat map of the wild boar in CTA based on the results obtained.