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Installation Mini-Split and Water Heater

Our first focus will be the installation of a new multi-split type air conditioning system, which will replace the existing units and provide improved cooling and energy efficiency.

Additionally, we will be replacing the existing fire escape doors with new ones, as severe corrosion was discovered on the edges and framing of the old doors. To ensure the safety of all occupants, preparations are being made to begin abatement of any Asbestos containing material (ACM) and Lead base paint (LBP) that were detected on the doors’ hardware.

Attention to detail and quality workmanship, and we are confident that these upgrades will significantly enhance the functionality and safety of the Bazley Tower.

1. Demolition of existing ceiling board

2. Removal of existing door

3. Placing a concrete pad for the rooftop air handling unit

4. Placing concrete pad for outdoor unit

5. Removal and disposal of old HVAC equipment

6. Excavation work

7. Installation of individual distributed air conditioning systems

8. Installation of new disconnect switch