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Understanding the Need


Unraveling the Challenge

The challenges faced by the gas station necessitated a revamp. Here, we explore the factors that led to the decision for such a substantial upgrade. 

Scope Definition

A closer look at the parameters outlined by the Quality Assurance Engineer’s (QAE) request, setting the stage for the detailed scope of work undertaken by N.O.M.E.S.


On-Site Assessment


Engaging with the Work Environment

Discover how N.O.M.E.S approached the project by conducting on-site interviews with facility workers. Understanding current procedures and reviewing equipment manuals laid the foundation for success.

Operations Overview

Delve into the hands-on operations executed by N.O.M.E.S, including cutting and welding pipelines, NDE testing using dye penetration, pressure testing and meticulous adherence to Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) procedures.


Meticulous Tasks


Dispenser Pipeline Replacement

A detailed exploration of the process involved in replacing dispenser pipelines – from draining fuel to connecting electrical wiring and conducting operational / leak checks.

Shear Valve Upgrade

An in-depth analysis of the critical upgrade from pump to dispenser shear valve, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency in fuel dispensing.

Tank Vent Pipes Transformation

Unpacking the intricacies of replacing tank vent pipes, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the gas station’s infrastructure.


Quality Assurance Measures


NDE Testing with Precision

Understanding the significance of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) testing using dye penetration in ensuring the reliability of the newly fabricated pipelines.

 Pressure Testing Protocols

A closer look at the stringent pressure testing procedures implemented by N.O.M.E.S to validate the integrity of the upgraded pipelines.


Electrical Integration


Wiring Solenoid Valves

Explore the critical role of connecting electrical wiring to solenoid valves, an essential aspect of the upgraded infrastructure.


Operational Checks


Leak Checks and Product Markings

An exploration of the meticulous operational checks, leak inspections, and the affixing of product pipeline markings undertaken by the N.O.M.E.S team.


Beyond Pipelines


MOGAS Tank Pressure Vacuum Vent

A comprehensive examination of the removal and replacement of the MOGAS Tank Pressure Vacuum Vent, contributing to the holistic upgrade of the gas station.



In conclusion, N.O.M.E.S has not only met but exceeded the expectations outlined in the QAE’s request. The transformation of MCAS Futenma Gas Station, Facility 642, stands as a testament to the commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation.